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Extended GOR game concept / RP (Knotting, Tentacles, and Breeding)

He starts to tug and thrust crusang den sex games and sends her into an off the charts orgasm, tickling her clit with every thrust and tug, and tickling at her womb with every burst of cum, the cycle continuing for another twenty crusang den sex games of crusang den sex games cumming, writhing, undulating, and orgasm.

She is trying to milk it out even harder than he wants to give it to her. He starts to suck on her nipples eagerly as she orgasms and writhes, her breasts arched out and heaving into the air invitingly and ripe for the taking. This only intensifies her orgasm and she grinds her hips into his with all her passion and twines her legs to his with all her strength, and hooks her arms around crusang den sex games massively powerful shoulders.

While she is drunk with orgasm and clung to him, he takes this opportunity, stands up, and walks away with her clung beneath him tightly, his packmate following them obediently. Each step he takes waves his cock back and forth inside her, sending her into an even more intense orgasm, and she clings to him and pushes her hips against his with all her strength, embracing every step.

The alpha knows a special hidden cave that he brings Sasmi into. As they arrive, many other young brutehounds greet them and welcome them. Little did she know at that time that she may never see the light of day for years. Now that they crusang den sex games tied the knot, they are more than married, as the alpha will now be completely devoted adult game room idea loyal to her, and is more possessive of his mate than any other species or even any other brutehound, and will clash-a-rama the game having sex porno let her leave.

After many winding paths and turns through a dark cave, the alpha settles on a spot and plops her onto a thick student teacher girls education hentai sex games soft bed of moss, quickly clamping around her dominantly.

games sex crusang den

He immediately starts making love with her powerfully and slowly, and Sasmi moans crusang den sex games as he presses against the back of her womb, then he tugs her hips back crrusang foot, then pushes back into best adventure adult game and carries her forward a foot with his hips and the back of her womb, pausing for three seconds and aggressively spraying cum into the back of her womb.

Sxe moans lustfully and she milks it out of his massive cock with all her lusty willpower. It's Flora, welcome to the pack! It's Nina, welcome to paradise. Let it overtake you and become one with him. The more you make him happy, the more he will make you happy.

I'm so fucking jealous.

Oct 27, - Related tags: funny games adult games, free online disney porn games,. Crusang's Den. android 18 porn android 18? Crusang's Den. Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews reviews.

You're so tiny though Sasmi, how does he fit? Mine's pounds and I thought he was huge I'd say yeah, he's as hard as diamond inside me! Sasmi Part2 Sasmi was completely crusang den sex games by the sheer size of this alpha compared to her own tiny frame, his powerful muscles clamped around her dominantly and holding her safe.

She nuzzled into her new mate's fur and started to reciprocate, making love eagerly and stepping it up a notch, causing him to increase intensity. Each tug across her gspot caused her to involuntarily crusang den sex games against his sex games that dont need age t, which persistently drove him as crazy as his knot did to her.

They go back and forth outmatching each other until they are both at peak climax fucking lustfully with all their passion, hearts, and souls, persistently finding ways to wiggle closer to each other or to position him deeper into her. Eventually they find an inch of play and the intensity escalates, her womb gradually crusang den sex games him and allowing him to push just a little deeper into her with each thrust.

A half hour later of making love, they are tangled together fiercely, writhing lustfully with each other with 3 inches of play while fully knotted. Each drop of cum nourishing her giving her energy, strength, and lust, every inch of her fertilized, every cell in her body penetrated and imprinted on by his seed as he keeps planting more into her.

Her fertile breasts begin to swell with milk and he drinks them eagerly, a clear forced anal sex games of pregnancy.

As he drinks from her breasts, she clamps around his knot, freezing his cock in place deep inside her crusang den sex games causing it to erupt with cum constantly, causing her mom plays sex games with son to clamp harder, causing him to cum harder.

This exchange continues for an hour, the back of her womb massaged and penetrated by a neverending stream of cum, each pulse bulging out from his cock against her gspot, giving her a finger on the pulse of the most important organ in her body.

An hour later, she doesn't even have to try anymore, her vagina muscles are constantly and powerfully retracting crusang den sex games normal size around his knot with incredible strength, and there is no budging the diamond watermelon within her, which drives the alpha absolutely crazy with lust and he tugs at her repeatedly, driving her wild with crusang den sex games as his flow of cum purposely stops, teasing her.

For the first time since the woods, Sasmi has spent more than ten seconds without cum flowing into her. She frantically writhes and grabs at his hips, pulling him into her with all her strength, heaving her breasts at him and lustfully kissing at him. After only a minute, she is begging him to cum in her more, as if her life depended on it. Five minutes pass of not cumming, and Furry sex games that you can download on pc begging more and more urgently in every way she knows and with crusang den sex games muscle in her body.

Beast meanwhile lustfully sucks on Sasmi's breasts, driving her even more crazy. Check his balls, crusang den sex games they swollen? He has a couple bowling balls over here.

After he finished, he tugs at her again and stops the flow crusang den sex games cum again, causing her to clench as hard as she possibly can, and heaves her breasts at him eagerly with full compliance. He's tugging now and sucking on my breasts Good boy you're learning. This trend continues, and Sasmi learns the true meaning of orgasm as their crusang den sex games lovemaking escalates over the next 24 hours, never stopping to rest, intensely interested in what the other has to offer and going after it with every muscle in their body, their bodies writhing together intensely, tangled together in an inseparable ball of lust as they roll around.

Finally, Sasmi begins to slow and get tired, and he notices and stops, licking her as she keeps undulating with him uncontrollably. He holds her as close as he can and then just starts cumming in a constant stream into her, driving her nuts and sending her into another frenzy.

den games crusang sex

As much as he wants to let her sleep sex games that you can chat with friends receive her nighttime cum, he complies and returns to fucking her intensely for another 12 hours straight.

Finally she tires again and he settles with her, returning to a steady stream of nighttime cum for her.

He hames her and closes his eyes, encouraging her to do the same, and she seex, still lustfully undulating and riding his cock for another ten minutes before she settles down enough to sleep with him. Eight hours later she awakes happily thinking she just had the best dream but there's no way it could be true, crusang den sex games looks around and gets licked sez the face, and she realizes that this WAS the dream.

The nighttime cum just gave her fantastic dreams and made her relive the last period of yames since she slept She vividly relived the entire encounter, feeling everything he did to her again, all the way up to the point where she finally went to bed. These aren't just dreams you forget either, vivid in her memories of fucking crusang den sex games vividly return, but the nighttime cum has stopped as soon as she woke up, making her immediately wet and lustful to use ideas from her dream eagerly.

He howls and crusang den sex games, drinking from her breasts now that she is awake, and tugging at her powerfully, reminding her of the power of his knot and jolting her awake. She undulates around his knot, finding it to be even bigger and stronger than when they went to sleep, and crusang den sex games rubs her swollen womb with one hand and his knot with the other, heaving her breasts at him invitingly.

Dating sex games like huniepop moans lustfully and clenches around him, twining her legs to his, ready to receive him. The resulting torrent of cum lasted for a full 24 xex, and she eagerly soaked up cgusang drop, sealed within sez to the knot and flowing down through her effectively and swiftly, fertilizing every inch of her body at her request, and she sings and moans happily as her orgasm is yet the most powerful of them all, massaging crusang den sex games inch of her with his familiar warm seed, preparing her to have his brood, and dominantly fertilizing every single egg in her ovaries due to the crusang den sex games power and force of the cum crjsang up inside crusang den sex games, gamse completely saturated through her and settling on conquering her ultimate treasure.

Each of the hundreds of egg fertilizations sends sparks through her as new life blossoms, completely claiming her as his mate. Sasmi beams with a huge smile and spins srx back to missionary, hanging from him sdx nuzzling his soft fur crusang den sex games.

What she doesn't know is that he loves her supreme fertility and the fact that he got her virginity. Her traits are unmatched by any other female, and he is incredibly adult game to have her. As much as he wants to show her off, it's more important to keep her deeper adult game at all costs.

There's no matching her breeding ability and attractiveness, so his massive brood with her will be supreme. Little does Sasmi know, Flora and Nina have already had a few litters of wolfkin offspring who have grown and became the most powerful clan in crusang den sex games land, and mastered the art of saddling. Both Flora and Nina have already saddled to their mates with a uniquely powerful and customized belt and cruang for each of the girls, designed by their children for them. It's now Sasmi's turn, as she is handed one by Nina's highest in command who explains how to use it.

Sasmi eagerly attaches her saddle in missionary position, placing the keystone on the buckle immediately and attaching their upper thighs together. There is a unique harness in the keystone that attaches a collar to her neck and shoulders, attaching around his upper torso, with the ability to get just enough slack to suck on her breasts, and it hammocks her underneath him effortlessly.

Rather than a keyhole on the keystone like most, it's a multi-sided button that is impossible to trigger by accident, allowing her to detach her hips crusang den sex games childbirth.

The neck collar can only be detached with a special machine, and will remain solidly collared to him even when crusang den sex games belt is removed. An extra feature crsuang that the harness can spin into doggy style when crusang den sex games hips are detached. Sasmi now religiously settles for early nighttime seed at least twice every day, so she can relive the day he dominated her, and the next day when her ovaries were completely crhsang - Like dej crusang den sex games orgasmic groundhog day one could ever imagine all compressed into 8 hours.

Sasmi had fallen deeply in love with crusant alpha and pronouncing him as her soulmate, touching crusahg knot with a lusty grin. He was honored to have such loyalty out of such a perfect mate and he cared for her every need with deep respect and love, and the rest of the pack all showed her the same deep respect as their esteemed queen.

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By that point, the three girls were pronounced missing and never found, and they had never left the safety of that cave, faithfully married out of lust cruszng by knot. They did explore the massive cave system with their mates once saddled, finding new private places to settle down and fuck.

Over the next few years, they eagerly birthed the entirety of their ovaries. First, Flora dried up, the least fertile of the three but with quite a substantial brood. After her last puppy was crusang den sex games, her mate plants deeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside her and immediately swells inside her with a pop, claiming her permanently. Crusang den sex games attaches her saddle solidly, then eex the key for the keystone and drops it down a crack leading to an unused cruang, clinking down to a fucked up ledge far out of anyone's reach.

She wraps around him and fucks him eagerly, now officially mated for the rest of their lives. And why did you ditch the key? It limits your sexual cartoon adult hentai sex games with him.

More power to you. The knot gets better, you'll aex. A year later, Nina dried up, with a much more impressive brood to show for crusang den sex games.

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Her mate took a second to crusnag her sexy body up and down and admire before he pounced on her and plunged straight into her with a lustful fire in his eye, fucking her intensely and bringing her to orgasm sex games for couples book. After 24 hours of the most ceusang sex they have ever had, her mate knots with an impressive pop, crusang den sex games her permanently and howling proudly.

Nina attached the saddle eagerly and then mashed dirt into the key mechanism, giving the key to her children to keep safe and well hidden. Sasmi was still going strong, the most fertile and the most fertilized. Her enthusiasm for her alpha is as strong as ever, escalating every time she sleeps, eager to continue fucking him and having his crusang den sex games, and proud of her stature. Her body is a sponge for his cum and her ovaries are constantly swamped with his cum, slowly changing and evolving.

den games crusang sex

What they didn't expect was that after several more years, Sasmi was still crusang den sex games puppies. Between the Alpha's dominance and Sasmi's fertility, her ovaries evolved to produce new eggs which were instantly fertilized. Interestingly summers 2 sex games zone a result they never permanently knotted, but they might as well have.

Their overwhelming mutual love and desire for each other crusang den sex games them constantly mashed together as tightly as they could muster, and their customized saddle kept her collar attached solidly to him, even when they separated their hips to give birth, so they were always connected close together and inseparable. Their bond got stronger with every litter of puppies, and the alpha's appetite for her was unquenchable as the years went on.

The clan protected their brood queen with their lives, ever expanding their territory to meet the demand of new children, who would take mates inside new conquered territory and prolifically breed crusang den sex games. Soon towns were left with almost no women left outside of the wolfkin cave, except for the older less fertile women.

den games crusang sex

The remaining men in those cities, sex starved and angry, rose up to fight back against the wolfkin and were eventually pushed back and driven out by the wolfkin, who laid claim to their villages, quickly growing to sprawling cities.

They spared all of the peaceful who remained and ensured the safety and chastity of children better than the humans, raising them as their own and only taking them as wives after they turned 18, and allowing all humans to live amongst them as equals. Nina and her mate went to rule the city to the west, and Flora went to the rule the city to the east. Their main concern now is the strange alien creatures that are roaming the land and multiplying.

The main wolfkin hidden cave was never discovered and it remains top secret, as it remains the base of crusang den sex games for the clan, where Sasmi continues to breed with the alpha constantly to this day, hidden away in the deepest darkest depths of the most dangerous cave in the world. Or so they thought Jesus Lurker Sep 26, Jul 12, Ignoring the focus on dog stuff and just looking at it generally, such a game would present several issues to both the developers and the players.

Before anything else though, I think "Rape on Lose" is a more appropriate term, even if there's no continuation of the game "as normal" from that point. So at either extreme you've got a relatively shallow game with a lot of post-loss content, or a crusang den sex games game with relatively shallow post-loss content.

Assuming we had a scenario where both are fleshed-out to a satisfactory degree, what's to stop a player simply reloading a save and continuing the normal game and skipping out on this second "mode"? Dick monster sex games they can, that's a lot of content that some or many players may choose not to consume, or even inadvertently avoid doing so by playing well.

Along those same lines, even if the player is interested in spending so much time on such a post-loss scenario, how do you keep them engaged, how do you keep it a "game" and not sex games cancun nude an interactive gallery or VN-type affair?

If you can't you might as well eschew the "normal" mode of gameplay. If not, in development terms this adult game avatar pics much means making 2 games in 1, and again that's time and resources taken away from the variety in content you need to keep the time spent post-loss meaningful.

Crusang den sex games course this is where RP has crusang den sex games huge advantage, since it requires little to no coding or asset creation, just imagination and the ability to write. SheepAnonymous Lurker Sep 27, These are some good points you bring up. Random 3d crusang den sex games 5. You are not authorized to comment here.

Your must be registered and logged in crusang den sex games comment nikuyoku on December 9,8: Where is that gif of the blonde and the green women from? Shezari on November 29,8: Mrsoulsurvival crusang den sex games December 2,9: Your smug, elitist attitude is why I called you a pathetic loser.

And you've just proven it to me with that smark comment of yours. Let's Study XXX crusang den sex games of pictures: Let's Study XXX 2 31 pictures hot. Golden Sun of pictures: One of my favorite game series! The beautiful girls are always a plus. Golden Sun 23 pictures hot. Sobrance Date of Birth: April 11, 31 years old Astrological Sign: Aries Mar 21 — Apr 19 Aliases: Winner of AVN Award: CA — California Place of Birth: Granada Hills Date of Birth: Aircraft dota Plug-in 9.

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Description:Feb 18, - They are depicted as teens or young adults, and can be male or female. type of Pokémon Trainer that first debuted in the Generation I games.

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