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After she'd backed off a few paces, she dug human x pinkie pie sex games fore hooves in the mud. She angled herself to where the wind was at her back.

Stinging sprays prickled down her spine and flank as she ran through her impromptu plan in her mind. If all went well, she was going to charge into the tree, flying at full speed, and shatter it with her amazing awesomeness!

Then she could free Pinkie Pie, and take her to safety. Rainbow pressed her weight on her front hooves and took off, leaving a rainbow colored trail in her wake. She blitzed toward the tree, putting her forehooves out in front of her.

She blinked, and tree was became close. Soon, that tree would be nothing but splinters!

Sins of the Mistress

The sound echoed over the wailing winds. The large tree moved, but only a few inches. Sharp, stinging sensations vibrated through her forelegs. Astonishment froze her in place. She couldn't believe it. How could that stupid tree still be there? It should be disintegrated by now!

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Rainbow broke her own stupor as the tree began to roll back. This wasn't going to human x pinkie pie sex games, not again. She placed her hooves against the tree and flapped her wings. A whining grunt escaped her throat as she worked her entire upper body against the tree.

Fires flared in her muscles and they bulged from effort. Splinters broke off in her hooves.

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She cursed beneath her breath. As if hearing her command, the fallen tree groaned and rolled back a few inches. Her effort was rewarded with another couple of inches.

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Inch by inch, she slowly rolled the massive tree off of her friend. Clawing, gakes pains tore through her body, but she paid them no heed. All she listened to was the shuffling branches and the crunching bark as she pushed the tree back. A few minutes of human x pinkie pie sex games yielded her close to two feet of movement. She looked away from her effort and saw her friend feebly looking back up at her. She gritted her teeth and heaved her shoulder against the wood.

Loose bark broke away against her ssx and the tree rolled another two inches. cozy sex games

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Over her shoulder, she saw the pink pony pull one leg from beneath the log. There was a loud scrape and she heard her friend yelp. Pinkie took hold of her other leg and tore it out from underneath the log as well.

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She yelped and pulled that one free as well. Rainbow stopped pushing against the log and flew down to her friend.

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In a hair's breadth human x pinkie pie sex games time she grabbed the formerly trapped mare in her forelegs and flew several feet away from the online sex games tree.

The tree groaned and rolled back to its former resting place. The pegasus pinkle her friend to her chest and looked into Pinkie's eyes. Red webbing surrounded her bright blue pupils and they were puffy.

No doubt she'd been crying. Rainbow couldn't blame her, she probably would've cried too.

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Her fur was soaked and matted to her face, and her mane was littered with debris from the tree. Small scrapes were on her cheeks and chin. Pinkie smiled, and Rainbow smiled back. Through the grime and scratches sex games amation her pi, the pegasus saw the happy-go-lucky attitude of her human x pinkie pie sex games shine through.

Even in the darkest of times, her smile always seemed to do that. A slicing gust of wind blew through, chopping into Rainbow's words. We'll get it after the storm is over. Pinkie tried to say something but Rainbow ignored her.

With her friend in her forelegs she flew toward the sky. Or at least, ssx tried. She pumped her soar wings but the wind buffeted human x pinkie pie sex games back.

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She could only get a few feet off the ground. Daggers dug through her muscles and her breath came in short gasps. Even though she didn't want to admit it, she was exhausted.

She slowly dropped back to the ground and laid her friend down.

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The light blue mare heaved heavy breaths. Partreon sex games rolled around and looked up at her. Pinkie took a deep breath and screamed over the wind. It will help us up. Rainbow Dash held out a hoof and helped Pinkie to her feet. The pink mare was wobbly, so the pegasus draped one of her friend's forelegs over her shoulders and helped her walk to the cannon.

Pinkie grabbed onto Rainbow's neck when they made it to the side of the cannon. But make sure you do it fast. Every part of Rainbow Dash's logical mind told her human x pinkie pie sex games was a dumb idea. But, given the circumstances, she was willing to try anything. Rainbow took the rope trigger in her foreleg and pulled the trigger three times. There was a loud explosion that made her ears ring.

She stumbled backward, doing her best to hold onto her friend. Rainbow wrapped her forelegs around the barrel, while her friend kept a firm hold on her. A round section of metal fell from the base human x pinkie pie sex games the cannon, and from it came a long cylinder of pink material attached to three pieces of thick, dark pink cord. A loud explosion sounded, followed by the hissing expulsion of air.

The cylinder stretched and expanded. A pinkear shape popped up from rolled up material, then another. A forehead appeared to spread the two ears apart, followed by a puffy pink, cottony material in the back, puffy cheeks, and an exuberant smile.

Were they not in such a dire situation, Rainbow human x pinkie pie sex games have found the sight hilarious. Floating up before her was at least a ten foot rendition of Pinkie's head. Rainbow kept hold of the cannon as it was lifted family sex games pornhub the ground by the strange, cartoonish head.

She felt her feet leave the ground, as did Pinkie's. The earth mare had a weak grip on Rainbow's waist. Scared she might fall, Rainbow hoisted herself on the body of the cannon, bringing her friend with her to sit on the barrel.

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Rainbow wrapped her legs around the barrel and placed her forelegs around her friend's stomach. Pinkie rested her head against the pegasus' chest.

Her breathing was soft and deep. Human x pinkie pie sex games wiggled into her rescuers chest and nuzzled against her shoulder. Rainbow watched her friend get comfortable. She brushed her leaves out of the puffy mane and gently pulled the twigs out with her teeth.

Occasionally a stray hair would catch and Pinkie cringed, but for the bottle sex games part, she was careful.

She brushed the dust off of Pinkie's dirty, wet cheeks and smoothed out her matted fur. The blue pegasus could only imagine how terrible she looked. It didn't bother her though, intrepid heroines were always supposed to look rough.

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The praised Celestia that the large Pinkie head above protected them both from the rain. As she listened to the patter of heavy raindrops against the balloon fabric, she watched her friend.

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Her chest gently rose and fell. Her small smile made the small scratches, and any other damage on her face to disappear.

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Her cheeks were a little chubby, but attractively so. She knew that Pinkie liked to put a special pink makeup on that made her child like, puffy cheeks stand out. The gently sloping shoulders and the way her back curved into her slightly flanks, plumped slightly from her indulgence in sweets, stirred Rainbow's stomach pleasantly.

Pinkie slowly opened her eyes, and the light in the blue orbs was brighter than human x pinkie pie sex games million of Celestia's suns. Rainbow looked create a perfect sex slave adult game to see a cylindrical machine with a burst of flame burning on the end.

There were two rods sticking out of it and a small chain dangling from the barrel of the device. She quickly figured that the rods were used to grip and steer the balloon, but she wasn't sure what the chain was fore. Rainbow carefully laid Pinkie down on the cannon barrel and slipped behind the human x pinkie pie sex games.

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She steered the flame in the direction of Sex games android, however it didn't move. The balloon just kept going upward and a slow pace. Rainbow nodded then pulled the chain. The small flame roared upward and the balloon rapidly increased its ascent. The dark clouds around them became a blur. The blue pegasus shouted pinlie surprise.

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Pinkie, despite her sickened state, sat up, threw up her hooves, and gave an excited whoop. Rainbow did so and the flame died down, and it kept going farther and farther down. The balloon stopped gaining altitude and fell.

My Little Pony

The black, brewing clouds slowly pinnkie away from the ship. The distance soon grew more, and more. A heavy wind hit the balloon, and it was hurled downward and at an angle.

A surprised scream, followed by another excited whoop from Pinkie followed. Rainbow quickly pulled the cord down, the flame at the end shot up, and the balloon quickly lurched upward again.

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Pulled the cord and twisted, chasing sex games it hurtled downward. The Party Cannon violently yo-yoed several times. Causing Pinkie to scream "Again! After a few tries, the pegasus felt two human x pinkie pie sex games hooves on hers.

Pinkie Pie shook as she struggled to stand. She cough and turned her head away from Dash to sneeze. Pinkie swallowed and cringed. Pinkie took Rainbow's hooves in hers and helped her gently pull the cord. The flame increased slightly and they slowly rose.

She then placed Rainbow's hooves on the bars, and placed her lips up to her friend's ear. Two ponies working together are better than human x pinkie pie sex games by pknkie. Rainbow took in a deep breath of frigid air gwmes with helium from the machine she steered when she felt Pinkie whisper into her ear.

She felt like she'd just done a Sonic Rainboom. pinoie

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This wasn't the first time this had happened around Pinkie, but now wasn't the time to think about something like that. She worked on steering the cannon toward Sugar Cube Corner, while Pinkie expertly worked the flame. After thirty minutes of navigating through heavy winds, they finally made it back safely.

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The next hour found them both being tended to by an anxious Mr. Both had apparently been worried sick that Pinkie was missing and had gone out to search for her themselves, only to fall short. They quickly filled a tub with hot water and made both young mares take a hot bath. Cake made them carrot stew which she stayed around to make sure they ate then helped them to Pinkie's room where they wrapped Rainbow free sex games hornyga Pinkie in warm blankets despite many pleas from Rainbow Dash to stopbefore reluctantly leaving them in peace.

The two sat side by side in front of a small table filled with sweets, both wrapped in fluffy blue blankets, and took deep breaths.

She realized human x pinkie pie sex games she was probably coming down with a cold as well. It can be super embarrassing sometimes but sex games ballons makes me feel super-duper happy.

Rainbow dash slurped tea from her small pink cup and tore a chunk out of a chocolate donut in front of her. I was helping her set up a human x pinkie pie sex games she's having for relatives that are coming over to visit. I heard a loud crack and saw that large tree falling toward me.

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I tried to get away, but it fell on me before I could. I tried to human x pinkie pie sex games my cannon but it fell out of reach. She wolfed down the rest of her doughnut and helped herself to a green pinie cupcake. Pinkie finished her delectable off, then attacked a small pan of crusted tarts. Rainbow snorted into her teacup.

pie human games pinkie x sex

It took us an hour to free those other weather ponies. Those clouds sure were tasty though. Steams sex games giggled, though in her state it sounded more like a frog sneezing. I swear I saw Rarity looking up staring at him. I think she liked looking at him all exposed. Wow, did her face turn human x pinkie pie sex games when we caught her staring. I know she has a thing for that pegasus ever since he saved her from that freefall at the Wonderbolt academy.

The two laughed and continued to wolf down treats. They listened to the heavy gales and the rains thump against the roof. Pinkie snuck glances at Rainbow while she sipped her tea, and Rainbow did the same whenever Pinkie would reach for a human x pinkie pie sex games. After several minutes of furtive glances, Pinkie broke the silence. Rainbow waved a hoof in the air. Don't think anything of it.

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Like when Applejack saved Spike from those Timber Wolves. It's just what friends do for each human x pinkie pie sex games, you know. Her smile seemed a little more strained than usual. Just that, nothing else.

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