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Jan 26, - It's one thing if these games were banned for depicting sexual very least not directly harmful if carried out between two consenting adults. .. resources to start their own adult game site separate from Patreon. First it's gonna be incest, then they're gonna see profits drop from the nsfw games category as.

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The Artifact Version 05 Update 22 January The Artifact Version 0 5.

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The Artifact Version 0 4. Games melancholic griffin patreon rpg paetron adult game category uncensored lesbian seduced oral shemale xxx futanari futa dickgirl fetish. It won't destroy a credit card company paetron adult game category its own but multiple scandals can cause a downfall so these companies try to avoid issues if possible.

The only way a ault platform will support a site like that is with a HUGE fee adlt make up for the added risk.

game category adult paetron

I'm saying if there's a site that is primarily known as play free hd sex games online place where all the incest games were exiled, it will face much more difficulty. So the new site needs to be attractive to a wider type of paetron adult game category, more attractive than Patreon, for paetrpn to paetron adult game category a chance to survive. I have a feeling you would need a lot of capital just to break through the inevitable roadblocks that would be put forth by established payment processors leaning hard on the people that you need to talk to.

Well aduult news is fucking lame. Another reason to dislike patreon I guess.

category paetron adult game

Looking forward to an alternative coming to light. I'm not too surprised, Patreon has not liked that subject matter for a long time now.

I'm just surprised it took so long to culminate.

category paetron adult game

paetron adult game category This was kind of inevitable. I figured Patreon were going to drag their feet and rentseek as long as possible but it would come to this eventually. Actually doing it hard with DS and MrDots together is probably the most hopeful scenario because they have the resources to start their own adult game site separate from Patreon. I guess with the next release of Goodnight Kiss it will be time to pull the roommate trigger.

category game paetron adult

Does anybody have any info on why the payment processors have their paetron adult game category in a twist? Is there a legal issue or did they just completely arbitrarily decide to dictate this?

Nobody wants their company caught up in some paetron adult game category internet incest porn scandal headlines if some type of shit should happen. At least not when it's such a small sector of their business. They don't have a moral dilemma with it, but some people do, and I'm sure they had math dudes sit down in a room and count imaginary beans.

adult game category paetron

Gamf were more imaginary beans on one side then the other, so they went with the side with the most potential beans. Porn in general attracts a higher rate of chargebacks: This means processors demand higher rates for adult sites. Visa does not allow incest, rape, bestiality, etc. Couldn't you porno game boards paetron adult game category mention the incest part to them?

adult category paetron game

It's not like they're going to play through sex games to see which fetishes are included. Because when paetron adult game category say "incest" the first thing that pops into most people's heads is an abusive relationship between a parent blue lagon sex games paetron adult game category underaged child. Therefore, tacitly condoning incest is very bad PR for a company.

Exactly the same thing everyone with incest, bestiality, or anything else Patreon doesn't want visible on their site, had to do, except this time "huge cost" about removing mentions of the game and it's content from the Patreon site, while literally still having right to exist there.

I am gonna be honest, I think this is gonna be just the start of the end of the nsfw games industry, or gamf least the ones you have to pay for.

First it's gonna be incest, then they're gonna see profits drop from the nsfw games category as a whole and they will then decide that since it's not earning much anyways, might as well remove a few more kinky categories that are making paypal or whoever they're trying to appeal to unhappy until the whole thing earn so little money that they have no reason not to just completely remove it.

Since there are no alternatives to patreon that don't have the same rules we're looking at a future of buying smaller games off the developers website or playing whatever free passion project someone made this week.

I hope you're wrong, but it is a risk: Please direct your attention to Illusion Games. A company that paetron adult game category to paetron adult game category thriving on what adult game sex scenes be allowed.

Illusion sell to the Japanese market though - which is paetron adult game category they're far larger than any western adult games company. I can't claim to have seriously investigated why but there's a lot more money in adult games over in Japan compared to the English-speaking world so they support a thriving industry.

Browse Categories. Adult Games. 1 2 3 4 5 6 · Liru Hentai Game DEMO. by ZONE-SAMA. Liru The Werewolf (Magical Pokaan) hentai game. A little minigame brought to you thanks to our kind supporters on Patreon! Game.

Illusion isn't going to be threatened by Categoty changes but following in their sell-in-Japan-only footsteps would be difficult for a non-Japanese developer who doesn't speak the language and not great for non-Japanese-speaking players: Illusion do not translate, sell or support their games outside the country.

Illusion does seem to be shifting paetron adult game category from that recently though. Recently, they're partnering with Fakku to distribute their games internationally.

game category adult paetron

Thanks for letting me know. That'll be something to keep an eye on. If Japanese A-games prove profitable for Fakku, I wonder if they'll consider opening up their site to western developers?

game category adult paetron

If so then that could perhaps become an alternative to Patreon. He japanys sex games more info on his blog: Patreon was terrible anyways. This is a great way to set up something new and they dont have to fucking hide the Incest and shit. Unfortunately payment processors don't allow adult content and Patreon is the only exception which is why cqtegory the devs paetron adult game category there in aduly first place.

If Patreon bans adult content most of the western industry paetron adult game category come up in the last few years will go down the drain.

Shoot for the erotic stars

Depends on what type of porn and where you're trying to sell or buy: Videos, DVDs, and magazines are paetron adult game category of physical goods. Sexually oriented digital paetrkn or content delivered through a digital medium.

category paetron adult game

Downloadable pictures or videos and website subscriptions are examples of digital goods. Adult games fall into this restriction. Most alternatives to Paypal have the same or similar policy. Did you not read the whole thing?

adult category paetron game

It's US only for physical goods. Digital products including games are completely banned, Patreon is the only exception.


The policy changes do raise some questions paetron adult game category might impact people engaged in making illustrated adult content. Or how will Patreon handle adult content that includes common manga and anime motifs, like cat girls?

Could that be considered bestiality?

adult game category paetron

Manga and anime also include characters that can be perceived as underage which has already caused problems in other parts of the U. How will Patreon address such material? It remains to be seen how the policy changes paetron adult game category impact comics creators who use the platform.

Artist takes assets for a walk.

The Killing Joke Paetron adult game category Study: The Color of Earth Case Study: Dragon Ball Case Study: The developers of upcoming VR porn game VRLove [NSFW] have embraced an emerging trend in sex tech in the hopes of financing their project without paetron adult game category investors. The VR porn game developers plan to release both a free mode which gets right into the action and a story mode where you have to win acult dialogue-choice minigames to claim your erotic prize.

They are also working on a full multiplayer samurai sex games that will allow users to sexually interact with one another.

adult category paetron game

Audlt is also advertising that the models will be fully customizable or users can choose to interact with ones scanned from an adult film star—which, so far, just includes the lovely Amarna Paetron adult game category. The developers have taken a playful approach to their marketing. For example, their product page says about using adult stars as models:.

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