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Mar 19, - Also, I recently tried that reverse sex slave trainer game (forgot title) So, what I'm looking to find is a game that follows kinda the same formula as CoC/TiTS/FoE but for A little less of furry, transformations and rape scenes, basically. is softer compared to fenoxo games, it has defeat sex and the like and  Academy of Fetishes - An all-female text game with a school.

CoC type games?

CoC type games? | ULMF

Both of these have a ton of bad endings, a ton of transformations, solid erotic content, creative gameplay, and fun stories to boot. Tales of the Drunken Cowboy is a great erotic game featuring subtle mind control without character death.

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It's just quality stuff. Similarly The Hers Project. Unfortunately it only ever completed 2 or 3 of the 7 or so cells you are supposed to be able to explore.

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I would also suggest the Corruption of Champions prisoner expansion by feifongwong. It takes an earlier version of CoC Right about when Fenoxo was working on the prairie if I recall correctly. transformatioon

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sex games with transformation like corruption of champions It's got a few good solid hours of story content, and if you play a lot of erotic games, you will see that quite of few of them copy a lot of the content in this expansion. Unfortunately it seems lost to time, never to make it past the first mission of level three.

Cursed deserves to be on these lists if only because of the sheer tranxformation of it, though perhaps not quality of erotic content.

It's been described as the first true magical TG life simulator, and it really is good, it just doesn't have many overtly erotic encounters. It's more about the daily grind of living with crazy TF's like hiding cat ears from transfotmation boss or trying not to piss of the crazy witch that transformed you, all while finding a job where you don't soul eater sex games into a slut.

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Coming in the wake of loke is the Elf Parlor, and Ideal Intentions. Both introduce some very solid mechanics, but are thus far in progress and don't feature much content.


None of the outlandish magic, and a ton of encounters. Despite it's relatively short length, it sex games with transformation like corruption of champions more content than can be discovered in dozens of hours. Every tiny action changes the story in a unique way, and it features a ton of great hidden paths including everything from hypnosis, to chastity, to bondage, and more.

This one focuses more on the usual less outlandish aspects of eroticism like There's a ton of great little stories out there too that don't quite deserve the title "game.

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But this is the best of the best in my opinion. Peri2gDec 13, Few sites that come to mind are http: Is there some special programs? Such as to play fenoxo's games from a pc?

They should see about publishing a couple of the better ones in Windows 10's new market thingy.

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The one that acts like GooglePlay or Apple Apps. They would get more users and Paetrons that way, believe do I. As you'd guessed, I don't give a damn about social stigmas Anyway, I've been leechi--I mean, following this forum for quite a while. I don't even remember how the hell I found about Corruption of Champions, but I did.

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I never have made any notable progress on any of them, but whatever. And through this forum I've tried some other games that I liked.

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Crisis just three more to go! Also, I recently tried that reverse sex slave trainer game forgot title swx enjoyed it. I also have my eye on Dating my Daughter and Summertime Saga.

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Oh, and Lilith's Throne. The thing is most of these games aren't, how to say it, my kink, I guess.

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For example, I'm not a furry myself but that doesn't mean I hate it or something I'm a pervert that every night faps to internet porn, yea Did that make any sense? Language barrier, I'm not sure how to convey in english what I'm trying to say.

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A little less of furry, transformations and rape scenes, basically. Sep 14, 1, 4, The original masterpiece from fenoxo a worthwhile text-based game Instructions: You must be registered to see links.

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Aug 6, 6, 17, It's complete so doesn't need the version tag in the title. There's a mod by Kitteh on Fenoxo's site that adds stuff to it and it's pretty fun.

Corruption of Champions

Ttansformation Active Member Feb 10, Oct 18, This piece of shit got me addicted in porn games fucking hell fuck you Fenexo and your high quality games. Astolphredroajs1MeatWaffle and 17 others. What if Ganon was locked inside the castle with Zelda, holding off the Calamity for years, preventing Link from losing his memories?

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Oh yeah, and his spell to make all the monsters less dangerous makes them want to fuck things instead of kill them. Link is not going to be happy.

Fenoxo Trials In Tainted Space version 0.7.229

A girl and her best friend wake up in a new world and are forced to discover the power they possess while overcoming a malevolent entity bent on destruction. Corrjption sisters are unwittingly pulled into a sinister plan as they fight to protect what little remains of humanity and struggle with the far reaching consequences of the coming sex games with transformation like corruption of champions.

Seemingly randomly portaled from their normal everyday lives on Earth into a twisted dimension nude sex games free coustomize pure and now overrun by rape-happy demons, four dudes find themselves serving as the bulwark against an encroaching, all-consuming corruption. In the name of the peoples of Mareth, they seek to restore peace, order, hope, and most importantly of all, purity.

United they stand, sex games with transformation like corruption of champions will fight with everything they have to be the Champions this gnarled land so desperately needs.

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This is a collaborative work between Fission Battery, Dr. Doctor, luckychaos, Alleydodger, and BakaSmurf.

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The Champion ate the wrong fruit and now she has to relieve herself of her unnatural heat. Luckily she finds two spider-morphs in the swamp who are willing to help her out.

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Nothing could excite him anymore.

Description:Corruption of Champions is a single-player text-based adventure game created ability to freely name the player character), a young adult from the village of Ingnam Combat is typically followed by some sort of sex scene, though there have customization-- or more commonly known as transformations among players.

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