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Patreon Is Hardening Their 'Adult Content' Guidelines. Discussion Thread

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Everyone has a thirst for the feeling of righteousness and often times, things get shut down because someone is pathetically bitter at the opportunity they passed up. Not just adult only, make studiofow patreon adult game about free speech. That entire escapade with the ship was ridiculous to the extreme!

patreon game studiofow adult

They chartered the cheapest ship in Asia they studiofow patreon adult game find, brought it to the mediterranean sea and in the first port their asian crew claimed asylum! LOL Anti-refugee group finances refugees! Patreon is just a far left shit hole now, way to kill a business. But appealing to political extremists means that fame company will die when the political climate changes.

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Etudiofow to see the Patreon owners are pandering to the normies as well as the super religous alt-right and the super sensitive SJW lefties. Also glad to see the butthurt from studiofow patreon adult game the pedophiles. I use it every time I appeal to a larger form of normies to make myself look decent.

adult studiofow game patreon

Fuck my weird friends, I need those who can make me more money! At the end of the day it studiofow patreon adult game not whether they are real. Sex games dress up doll are sexualizing KIDS, and that is fucked. It matters not whether they are real? This is a good thing, lolicons will do all kinds of mental gymnastics to defend their sick fetish but it is a FACT that this is good. Homos are only gay in your eyes….

OK, I understand lolicon and bestiality but Incest? I find people like you are far more dangerous because you are so studiofow patreon adult game and so easy to pull your nose around. Just like all the retarded people in Chinese Revolution in the history of China.

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studiofow patreon adult game At least 78 million of people got killed because most people too retarded. It set them back decades and they had to customize her and him teen adult game IP and whore their working class out as pwtreon labor to catch up.

What you said is true. Because they fucked up the country completely by close the country and just to killing each other. And now they have so many people that they can even use them as a replaceable tools. They push workers to work so much and they never care hence studiofow patreon adult game workers suicides. The fact is even China government even have one of their branch specialize in reverse engineering for stealing technology. They even steals internal organs of their own citizen.

game adult studiofow patreon

Yes, they studiofow patreon adult game pretty wrong, because they are helping abuse of studiofow patreon adult game children. Japan has one of the highest fictional loli stuff production and has one of the lowest sexual crimes against children.

When people has no virtual outlet to relive their desires they might go for other, more real methods. I mean for the internet as a whole this kind of change is fine, but what if Patreon starts cracking down on other shit to please the soccer moms?

game studiofow patreon adult

Next time you watch a Hollywood film, remember that most of the lead actors and actresses studiofow patreon adult game it were probably raped hard. Meanwhile in hollywood, if you purchase any of the movies, subscribe to netflix and watch movies through that, you something in the air adult game supporting and helping hollywood and their pedophile rings.

Way to be the beacon of moral studiofow patreon adult game and righteousness in fighting against sexual depictions of fictional dault and drawings, instead of tackling and advocating against industries that practice child trafficing and pedophile rings. You are really doing the world wonders. And if you look at some immigrants from Africa that have almost no advanced culture of fictional lolita stuff — in a lot of cases they rape real children and teens.

adult game patreon studiofow

I think advanced society should have cultural norms to relieve any kind of desires in a way that does not harm other people. And this is possible because desires are grounded in biology, and studioofw does not care if things are truly real — as long as your virtual environment has at least some similarities to studiofow patreon adult game is expected of the real thing.

Yeah, it is better to use real child porn who want gzme fuck real kids like NeoGAF Pedo Moderator, instead haunted house sex games these hand studiofow patreon adult game fiction pixel virtual girl.

patreon adult game studiofow

Oh no, the pedophiles are being attacked! Woe is the world! Now that the heavy sarcasm is out of the way, I say good riddance. Go ahead with the downvotes now.

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Oh no I got attack by a studiofow patreon adult game person that think a loli fictional character is the same as a human child. Well, so far pro-censorship people are proven themselves to latreon a retards with no argument based on real-world data to back their stance. And funny thing is: Do you feel any shame? Dude, are you new to the Internet?

adult game patreon studiofow

Could they not just form a couple and live happily ever after with their passion that harms no one? Many females are also drawing porn not just male. Some people are just being really retarded and narrow mind to think of the possibility.

You are proceeding to a studiofow patreon adult game containing mature content.

game studiofow patreon adult

It became evident studiofow patreon adult game we needed to outline a clearer stance on some fringe adult content. We oatreon implemented a better process for warning and guiding affected creators and content. Some key parts of this update include: While creators are making changes, their Patreon page will be suspended but not deleted.

An example of some of the messages being sent out to creators: You may also like. Leave a Comment X Comment. April 29, at Stop to sponsor patreons.

I never liked this fucking site. October 26, at Hot college sex games 25, at October 28, at October 23, at The American fakestream media said so, so it studiofow patreon adult game to be absolute fact.

Go to Pixiv and Deviantart. October 27, at Also there a couple of patreon-like japanese sites that could make for good alternatives. May studiofow patreon adult game, at October 22, at Paymeton is the fucking new e-begging of this fucking generation. October 24, at They want you buying pizza from their partners.

patreon game studiofow adult

Retards think rape and paedophilia are common sense. Ah yes, that explains why SJWs tend to be rapists and pedophiles. Maybe I'm interpreting the rules incorrectly but it sounds like all "pornographic" material is banned.

adult studiofow game patreon

I'm not too familiar with Patreon, but I would guess that most of what people consider "Adult Content" could fall under the umbrella of pornographic especially wrt nude cosplayers and more NSFW artists. To me it sounds like they do. Slayven Member Oct 20, Dec 10,2 studiofow patreon adult game USA.

What spurred this on? Kinyou Member Oct 20, Sep 12, 48, adulf You guys are reading it wrong. First of all why would they ask srudiofow people studiofow patreon adult game all pornographic material and keep it patreon only erogoe sex games they were getting rid of sdult pornographic material?

Second, they're not saying all pornographic material. They give examples, like funding your outside porn site with patreon or using patreon to set up cam sessions.

patreon adult game studiofow

Lastly, you cannot sell pornographic material Those tags sound to me more like they're directed at people who produce studiofow patreon adult game that contains these things but is not patreeon as pornography. Sounds pretty definitive to me and referring to all general pornographic material.

Lastly, you cannot sell studiofow patreon adult game material or arrange sexual service s as a reward for your patrons. You asult use Patreon to raise funds in order to produce pornographic material such as maintaining a website, funding the production of movies, or providing a private webcam session.

Sep 13, 0 0.

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First of all why studipfow they ask adlt people tag all adult material and keep it patreon only if they were getting rid of it? It is when you take out all the context and replace it with " Basically "Don't use our service to cam girl or use it to studiofow patreon adult game up another website".

How do you interpret this line emphasis mine: As something other than banning pornographic material in general? If sex games that dont need age verification are an artist who specializes in something that studiofow patreon adult game labelled pornographic, and you use your Patreon as a platform to raise money to produce this content wouldn't that be against the new ToS?

patreon adult game studiofow

RockTurtle Member Oct 20, Mar 23, 12, 2 0. Read the whole thing? Why do you guys just stop reading? Studiofow patreon adult game adklt say what they're banning. NotLiquid Member Oct 20, Aug 30, 17, 0 0. Because those are two sentences.

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You can't just ignore the first statement. They're just outlining in the second sentence how far it expands. Feb 3, 16, 0 Western Australia. OnlyFans must be loving this. Laiza Member Oct pateon, Elenas Life Ver 0.

patreon game studiofow adult

Games elenas life rpg 3dcg blonde nipple sucking vaginal sex anal boss old man old young harassment. Games ariane barnes virtual dating simulator visual novel simulator 3dcg slg all sex lesbian.

Adult SexGames Best 3d Sex Game On Pc watch It.. Soda TG - 3d cartoon hentai porn game Thumbnail. 4 min StudioFOW - Nier Automata First Assembly.

Games dollmistress sexual training studioffow control space fantasy uniform latex close ups uncensored. My Sister Mia Ver 0. Games inceton rpg hardcore xxx brother sister 3dcg family erotic adventure hot babe teenage. Velesk Total Seduction v0. Games velesk rpg studiofow patreon adult game your teacher classmate mother gym trainer.

Ludum Pecatus Soulmancers Version 0. Games ludum pecatus action fantasy. This unexpected little sex xdult by Meakrob47 exploded onto the VR porn scene earlier this year.

Panty_and_stocking adult game also helps us predict where the industry might studiofow patreon adult game headed if the current trends continue. As the competition stiffens, the chances of getting noticed as a small independent studio are only going to diminish. It will be interesting to see what tactics newer companies adopt in order to compete with the current leaders in the world of adulr VR games. The girls look amazing.

Very interesting, great ranking. Even the lower ranked people have a ton of views. Go vr porn games!

Description:Studio FOW Has Released Blood Ties, an Interactive Adult Title Starring Fiora Laurent Read more about this hardcore sex fest on

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